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Here are my thoughts on selections from my column, Monday Morning Quarterback, on SI.com for Week 11 of the NFL season:


Week XI, with V topics:

See what I did there?

1. No one except maybe the ’27 Yankees could beat the Patriots right now.

And I meant in anything. Even baseball. I figure, you play the game in a neutral ballpark, in 1967 to be fair. That just happens to be at the tail end of the pitching boom of the late 60’s. I see Brady throwing 8 strong innings (you don’t think he could? Watch the tape from Sunday night again), with Matt Cassell coming in for the save, naturally. You can chalk up an inside-the-park job to right for Wes Welker, thanks to a misplay by the great Babe Ruth. And, in a shocker, I’m picking Randy Moss to go 0-for-4 with a sac fly. Patriots 7, Yankees 3.

2. Phil Dawson saves Cleveland from eternal damnation.


3. Tony Dungy made one of the most controversial and interesting calls a coach has made all season … and Peyton Manning made him look like a genius.

I keep a list of most controversial and interesting calls. Really. I keep a lot of lists. That’s how I keep all of my seemingly random and trivial statements straight.

4. I have underrated Brian Westbrook for the last time.


5. I try to illuminate the Big Cable/NFL network dispute.

The Big Cable/NFL Network dispute is a cavernous abyss. I will attempt to act as a giant yellow sun. If I am successful, vegetation will being to grow in the Big Cable/NFL network dispute. The will attract various fauna – insect, mollusks, caterpillars, etc. Larger animals will follow. A community will form in the Big Cable/NFL Network dispute. And I will be its Sun King.


The question is not who can beat the Patriots. It’s who can give them a game.

I mean, aside from the Colts, of course, who led them with 10 minutes remaining. THAT was a game. In fact, I wrote a whole MMQB about it – here. And I’ll reference it later in the column. Look out for it.

Well, if you watched it, you came away more awed by the Patriots than during any of their previous nine slaughters (all except the four-point nipping of the Colts two weeks ago). ( King Note: HERE!) And you watched Randy Moss look like some schoolgirl drooling over Paul McCartney 40 years ago as he talked to Andrea Kremer afterward on NBC. “I’m still in awe,” he said. “It’s still a dream. I’m playing for the Patriots.”

What do you think, guys? The Paul McCartney reference. Good reference? Good analogy? I liked it at the time, but now that I see it up on SI.com, I’m not sure. Here were my other ideas:

1. And you watched Randy Moss look like some innate drooling after being poisoned by bad product as he talked to Andrea Kremer…

2. And you watched Randy Moss drooling like some retard as talked to Andrea Kremer…

3. And you watched Randy Moss look like some other GMs drooling over Randy Moss as he talked to Andrea Kremer… (I like this one…)

I did some quick math on the Patriots’ first-team offense over the past nine possessions, going back to the fourth quarter of the Colts’ game, and not including their final possession in Indy, when they were trying to run out the clock and not trying to score. (New England had its bye last week.) The incredible numbers:

Possessions: 9
Touchdowns: 9
Quarters played: 4
Tom Brady touchdown passes: 7
Tom Brady passing yards: 504
Yards per drive: 65.9
Time per drive: 3:21

I also calculated the following ‘fun’ stats:

Times Tom Brady has been called the best quarterback ever: 180

Times Tom Brady has been called the best quaterback ever by me: 0

Still Favre. Sorry, guys, the bandwagon has left without me. Brady’s second best ever, though. Then Otto Graham.

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