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I sent an email to Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons critiquing his recent column on Knicks fans. This is the response:


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Now, I’ve taken a lot of flack over the years for being an old media guy, but I challenge you to show me one old media sportswriter who has so seamlessly integrated the world wide web into their repetoire. In any discipline! George Will? Dean Koontz? Phooey. Just because I’m the new backpage columnist for the most important sports weekly in the world, doesn’t mean that I look down on the little guy writing for a dot-com.

But when I try to reach out to a new media blogger, in this case Bill Simmons, he’s blocked me. Im not saying he’s afraid. I’m certainly not saying he’s become just like a sports radio host who hangs up on callers who disagrees with him. I just sense that the internet is some kind of exclusive party with a “No-Old-Media-with-Several-Sportswriting-Awards-Writers Allow” policy.

For the record, this was the email I sent:

Hey Bill!

What’s new in cyberspace? As you know, I like your work. Wouldn’t say I *love* it. But I like it. You’re a bit of a homer, but, hey, so am I. Your foray into Old Media, “Now I Can Die in Peace” was a strong first effort. God for you.

Your recent column on the Knicks was a bit, well, hypocritical. I understand that the web is sort of like the Wild West. No real rules apply. But you still have to adhere to the basic principle of internal consistency, right? Additionally, your jokes and references don’t make any sense. I mean, come on!



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