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I was picking up a venti chai non-fat extra hot mocha latte this morning before getting to the studio to tape Inside the NFL when the Clemens news broke. Far be it for me to inject my moral judgment into this debate, but am I the only one who is sad to see Clemens on the list? Maybe I’m a Red Sox fan, but nothing means more to me than using my bully pulpit to take circumstantial evidence to indict people (like Bonds) for years while allowing Clemens to go off scott free. Having him named really takes so much of the fun out of my grand gestures of moralizing. Oh well, at least the Packers have another game this Sunday!


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I know some people have felt like the selection of Brett Favre as SI Sportsman of the Year is totally unmerited, but those people have never been to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I was in town to write my fawning profile of the greatest human of all-time and I stopped into the local Starbucks. Now, we know that Howard Schultz doesn’t like to allow individual stores to depart from the menu, but the baristas at the local ‘bucks drafted a petition to rename every drink in honor of Brett. So instead of the hazelnut caramel latte, we’ve got the Brett Favre slant. Instead of a frappachino, we’ve got the Brett Favre hail mary. This might sound a little confusing, but they’ve memorized each one and get this–so has every customer. There hasn’t been a single person to order the Favre hail mary when they wanted the slant.

Come on, can you really argue that Favre isn’t the deserved winner of Sportsman of the Year?

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On Thanksgiving day, I had this absolutely crazy idea to improvise a “Thanksgiving Latte.” Now before you go thinking I’m crazier than Michael Irvin and TO combined, I had no interest in a turkey and gravy latte. Instead, I ordered the pumpkin latte, bought some pecans and sliced apples and threw those in there. Voila! I had my thanksgiving dessert, pumpkins, pecans and apples transformed into my own Thanksgiving Latte. Looks like Brett Favre and Tony Romo aren’t the only people who were able to improvise success on Thanksgiving.

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In honor of Veterans Day, I ambled into the local Montclair Starbucks in my ‘Support Our Troops’, T-shirt. I ordered my triple shot, skim pumpkin spice latte and started chatting with my local barista. All of the sudden in walks a local platoon, in town for some army recruiting. All of the sudden, two guys who were in a heated Yankees-Red Sox debate stop arguing, look around and lead the entire Starbucks in an extended standing ovation to honor these heroes. Then, a guy in a Favre jersey decides to pick up the tab for the entire platoon. Must have shelled out about $90.

It is times like these when I think of that awesome Mellancamp song and am so proud that this is our country.

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