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I know some people have felt like the selection of Brett Favre as SI Sportsman of the Year is totally unmerited, but those people have never been to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I was in town to write my fawning profile of the greatest human of all-time and I stopped into the local Starbucks. Now, we know that Howard Schultz doesn’t like to allow individual stores to depart from the menu, but the baristas at the local ‘bucks drafted a petition to rename every drink in honor of Brett. So instead of the hazelnut caramel latte, we’ve got the Brett Favre slant. Instead of a frappachino, we’ve got the Brett Favre hail mary. This might sound a little confusing, but they’ve memorized each one and get this–so has every customer. There hasn’t been a single person to order the Favre hail mary when they wanted the slant.

Come on, can you really argue that Favre isn’t the deserved winner of Sportsman of the Year?


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Standing on line at a Starbucks at the airport in Indianapolis. Young woman in front of me walks up to the counter and orders a grande iced coffee with soy milk. The stunning barista, who looked like Dyan Cannon, circa 1970, informed the woman that they did not have soy milk… at all. Apparently, in the midwest, Starbucks simply does not even carry soy milk!

Now, I’m no C. Everett Koop here, but, in a country where obesity is practically an epidemic, there is something very troubling about the fact that soy milk is not even an option.

Howard Schultz, shame on you… you should know better.

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