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I already explained how I’m all football, all the time these days (when I’m not talking about important things like soldiers in Iraq), so even Starbucks trips are framed in thoughts of football. So since we’ve already tackled the NFC, it’s time to hand out drinks to all of the AFC teams playing this weekend. Without further ado…

  • Chargers:  Some days you think they’re that special pick me up on a hot day and some days, you think there just isn’t that much substance. But since this team sometimes seems delicious and other times leaves you wanting more, I’m handing them a Coffee Frappuccino Light
  • Titans: Anyone who knows me knows that there is nothing I hate more than an athletic black quarterback. How am I supposed to get googly-eyed about someone like that? So in honor of a team captained by Vince Young, I’m giving them my least favorite Starbucks drink. A drink that makes no sense and tastes terrible: the Orange Mocha. Take that!
  • Jaguars: This is a cold weather team trapped in a warm weather body. They have the power, the panache, the substance and the all-American style I’ve come to love. So, I’m giving them a warm strong drink trapped in the cold weather iced category: the Iced Caffe Americano.
  • Steelers: They’re barely removed from their superbowl victory, they’re an underdog at home and people are giving them no respect. But they’ve got some underrated style and a flair for a little creativity. Call me crazy, but i’m going Vanilla Latte on this one. A solid underrated drink for a solid team.

So there you have it. Now when you think Starbucks you think NFL playoffs and when you think NFL playoffs, you think Starbucks. See, there’s been a method to my coffeenerdness madness all along!



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