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On Sizes and Etymology

I’ve always thought the names of Starbucks’ sizes were confusing and I know I’m not alone. ‘Tall’ is the the smallest size available? I guess that makes Wes Welker a ‘tall’ wide receiver in the World According to Starbucks.

Grande is the medium size? First off, you’re mixing languages, Starbucks. And secondly you’ve got proverbial apples and oranges here! You see, tall is an adjective that describes height, while big (‘grande’ is Spanish for ‘big’) describes size. Makes no sense.

And for years I was ordering my favorite size, the ‘Venti,’ without even knowing what language ‘venti’ is! Until now, that is. While Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry for ‘Venti’ (get with it, guys!), I was able to find that ‘Venti’ means ‘twenty’…in Italian!

Apples, oranges and…cumquats!


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